Interesting Things About SEO that You Are NOT Aware Of

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is practically the child wonder ever born in online marketing. No one actually knows how SEO goes at first. And even though some people already have a few knowledge about it, they still do not fully understand how it actually works. Basically, the whole idea of SEO is to obtain traffic to a company’s website thru the creation of various pages that will eventually lead people to the site whenever they search for it. Meaning, websites must gain enough exposure so as to increase their chances of leading conversions.

Today, SEO has a lot of different strategies and it has become more complicated marketing strategy that entails faith and patience. In the fast growing world of information technology, it pays to have some knowledge on a few things about search engine optimization.

SEO is not only about frequency of keywords, talk to seo company bristol and you will learn all about that…

Just because you saturate your web page with the necessary prescribed keywords doesn’t guarantee you of obtaining a lot of attention that your site desires. Studies show that keywords must only be around 2-3% of the whole post. When you exceed to that figure, you are actually over-killing your site and it can cause you penalties. Essentially a 500-word article should only have about 10-15 keywords in it.

Google is More than Just a Search Engine. It is a two headed cat:

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Everybody thinks Google is just nothing but a plain search engine. But did you know that it is also a very reputable advertising company? In 2012 alone, Google was able to obtain annual revenue of $50.2 billion, its record high and 67% of that figure is from pay-per-click marketing and paid advertising. Meaning, search engine optimization is not solely based on keyword-rich strategies because Google will practically base all the search results ranking according to presentation, content, and the right use of keywords.

Google is the Alpha of All Search Engines.

Did you know that about 65% of the total market share of search engine is owned by Google? The top five search engine markets are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL. However, this does not necessarily mean that other search engines cannot make an impact. WebCrawler, MyWebSearch and Lycos are good options as well.

In these modern times when more and more people are dealing with various types of online businesses, the best way to get noticed by many web surfers is to make use of several search engine optimization strategies. And if you are planning to join the online shop race, then it’s about time that you learn more about SEO so you can take full advantage of its positive effect.

A Brief Understanding of Google AdWords

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There are a lot of people, particularly newbie website owners, who are asking what Google AdWords is. Primarily, Google AdWords is a system that was developed by Google, which can assist website owners in marketing their products as well as their services in its search engine as well as in its affiliate websites, through the usage of a placed text advert, which is shown when web users are searching for phrases that are associated with their offering.

This simply implies that marketers can dictate where their advertisements appear through bidding for a certain series of phrases. The marketers will only pay the cost they have bid for when there is someone who clicks on the ad, which is the outcome of an online search, for instance, pay per click. The advertisements is in the form of a short text advert and that already has a title line, 2 short descriptive lines, as well as a URL link to a certain website page or website.

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For instance, a marketer decided to take Google AdWords. His ad will then be shown on the page of the results where he wants it to appear. For example, if the marketer decided that he wants his ad to be shown in Google’s page 1 for a particular search result, then his ad will appear there. The marketer can as well decide upon the position of the ad in the preferred page, and that is based on the amount he bids.

Yes, this simply means that the more the marketers bid for a particular phrase, the higher the position of their ads on Google’s page 1 will be. According to researches, 87% of the online users don’t just scan on Google’s page. On top of this fact, the higher the site shows on a certain page will lead to gaining more website visitors, since the web users opt to click on the search results/ advertisements that are on top of the page.

Google AdWords definitely became such an important marketing tool that each and every serious online marketers should use. If you are new in this business, it’s best that you first find out how to utilize this particular program. Many professionals and newbies are taking advantage of it, and they now have a vast customer base. You can do it, too! Especially with the help of an AdWords Consultant like Claire Get into the Google AdWords fever, and dump those old marketing techniques that aren’t driving much traffic to your site!


SEO Techniques that will Definitely Make your Site Stand Out

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Naming your images. If the photo comes from your phone or camera, and is named IMG_0135.jpg, people on the web may not find it. It’s best to rename the image as Sunshinecarpet.jpg, then surfers who are using search engines to locate this type of carpet will come across this image and your business page. Easy!

You have to fill in the right IMG ALT tags. You have to learn how to effectively use the IMG ALT tag in your post. This is a lot similar to renaming the photos, adding several descriptive as well as concise search terminologies which can help the search engine in finding your site images. The main idea here is to ensure that more readers will be visiting your business site. Because fashion is a visual medium, you have to use this to your advantage!

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However, don’t utilize 50 terms. The search robots which are responsible in searching keywords in numerous posts might view this as overcompensating. The end-result is that you’d be penalized for it. Shoot for five to ten words or phrases. Do not be too redundant.

Assign tags and categories wisely. Tags and blog categories create extra blog “slugs” or URLs for a particular tag keyword or category. Every time you’ll place your posts in this tag or category, the search engine will recognize that it’s a new or recent content. This is actually great since the search engines definitely love new content, and this content will help in improving the ranking of your site on various web sites.

Experts suggest that you have to limit these tags to 25 or even less, so you will constantly be creating new content that will be placed in those tags. Online sources suggest that categories don’t require a maximum limit. However, you should be certain that every category has approximately ten or more posts in them. They are constantly being utilized as they receive new content.

Fill in the right meta-tags. For those who have their own WordPress SEO plugin, there’s a box below the post with a Meta Tag. You will typically find the tag in your plugin, and you should place the right information in this field.

Title: Keep the Meta Title below 60 characters, and you have to make it SEO rich.

Description: It should be below 160 characters.

Keywords: The target words are found in your post or are related to these posts.

How AdWords Add Value to Your Business

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Regardless of the industry your company belongs to, getting the word out is of paramount importance. Your product or service cannot sell itself if nobody knows about it. Awareness is a requisite to sales. Thus, you should never undermine the importance of marketing in ensuring your business’ sustainability. Marketing can spell the difference between a great product that nobody has heard about and a great product that everybody talks about.

Marketing used to be the realm of billboards and TV commercials. Now, marketing has gone from being offline to being online. It has even been a common remark that businesses that do not have an online presence are considered non-existent in the minds of their target consumers. There are countless means to promote your products and services through the worldwide web. One of these online marketing systems that have risen in popularity recently is Google AdWords, a pay-per-click advertising platform. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should include Google AdWords in your company’s marketing plan.

Delivers results almost immediately. Any businessman would certainly agree that time is of the essence. The sooner you could reap the returns of your investment, the better. Fortunately, investing in Google AdWords will not make you wait for forever. In just a couple of hours, you could already detect your first visitors and even your first buyers in your site. Aside from the quick turnaround time for you, Google AdWords also feature efficiency and speed.

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Creating your campaigns and ads does not have to be time-consuming. In just a short span of time, your target market could already start viewing your campaigns. No complicated and tedious processes will stretch out the lead time. This web-based technique also acknowledges that a lot of things in the web could change and could happen in just a blink of an eye. In addition, creating a Google AdWords account is very easy and simple. You do not even have to be extremely tech-savvy to understand how to go about it. Even a beginner will not have a difficulty at it.

Highly-relevant campaigns. Some online marketing campaigns focus on quantity and compromise on relevance. You can be assured that this will not be the case with your Google AdWords campaign. Your ads will surely be relevant and tailor-fit to your target market. Likewise, this online marketing platform guarantees that your campaigns will be made available to those who should view them.


Scaling your Existing Content for SEO Purposes

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Always make it a point to re-optimize your existing content. Use the right scale. According to many experts, this is the most significant piece of advice which you should implement. It’s a must that you get your content assets rank higher on the SERP. This is the most excellent way to scale your SEO campaign.

When you are ranking for different informational keywords, other individuals who are doing some research about the topic might use your web content as a reference – this will make it easier for your web page to obtain links over a period of time.

Remember that the content is not time-sensitive. Hence, it will still be shared on various social networks by numerous individuals over time – making your content discovery cycle nearly never-ending.

Ways to Scale Search Engine Optimization through your Current Content

There are various ways to scale up your SEO. Promote your current content through newer content or by means of the content which you distribute on different web sites, such as slide presentations, interviews, columns, and guest blogs. Using the process of scaling will ultimately strengthen the ranking power of your content assets. Further, it can also drive steady traffic to your content.

It’s also important that you make the content assets rank in terms of high engagement rates and keyword variations. Your study should be based on several data analytics since they’re already viewed as very relevant when it comes to search queries. If you want more scale, it’s important that you start implementing these actions on your site’s essential landing pages.

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Write Completely

Don’t let your readers down by providing incomplete content. If you have a blog about a particular disease, dig out more about the possible cures, home treatment or remedies. You should not only talk about diseases. Take note that your readers are more interested in finding out about the cure or remedy.

Examine the topic that you’re about to dig into. This way, you should anticipate the needs of your readers. Writing completely is actually the easiest. In fact, some experts would even say that it’s a no brainier activity which you can utilize to rank deeper and higher especially when you’re using more long tail target keywords.

You just have to explain things in detail, and it doesn’t even have to be SEO. Apart from coming up with a much better content, there are several SEO benefits which your online business may gain like boosting the company’s professionalism and seriousness in handling its affairs.